Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AppleTini Cupcakes - Time To Get Wasted

Today is my dear friend Mrs. Rochelle Washington birthday. Rochelle is such a sweet dear friend. Mrs. Washington and I work at the same company HDR. Rochelle is our company receptionist. But she is not any normal receptionist she basically is holding the company down. And that voice of hers she sounds like need to have her own radio station. I can’t describe in words, but do call HDR Atlanta office just to say hi and you will know what I mean. Mrs. Washington is also a crafty person. She is the star behind RosignedIt that specializes in handmade cards. Check out her blog Two Tears In My Bucket for some wonderful masterpieces. Father Day is right around the corner and it’s not too late to place an order with her.

So I knew she like red velvet, cheesecake, and chocolate. But she already tasted my recipes before and I wanted to impress her for birthday. Now today she turn 29 years old hope she don’t mind telling her age, and she keep saying for her birthday she want to get wasted. Keep in mind a Smirnoff to her will get her drunk. This woman can’t handle any liquor even if it is 5%. When I heard her say she want to get wasted I laughed because the movie Grownups came to my mind when the little girl said I want to get chocolate wasted.

Now back to the cupcake. She loves Apple Martini. I think that’s the only drink she orders. I tease her so much because I think its pure juice, well the ones I had. So I knew one of my favorite blogs Bakers Royale has an AppleTini recipe and felt this would be perfect for her. Now keep in my mind I did not follow the directions for the Apple Tini recipe. I used everything for that recipe but I did not measure the vodka or the Schnapps I just poured. Hey she wanted to get wasted.

I brought the cupcakes to work today for her. She only had TWO and she is totally wasted. She trying her best to look sane but her eyes she is so out of it. She better not mess up answering the phones.

Here is the Juices and Berries (Her Favorite quote) go check out Bakers Royale page to make these Awesome Totally Wasted AppleTini Cupcakes.

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