Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Checking Out The Competition

At the food courtyard where I work, a cupcake shop just opened up about a month ago.  I rather not say the name of the business.  When I first heard about the shop I felt uneasy because everyone who bakes always dreams about their own store front.  But the feeling passed.  I heard co-workers indicate that their cupcake is not as good as mine.  I felt they were just being nice to me.  But I decided to go against my standards and purchase a cupcake. 
First off the ladies were very nice.  Inside was clean, pleasant, and not too much going on.  This store is not a production-based location where they bake the cupcakes on-site.  My issue is since you do not bake cupcakes on-site you need to make sure you have enough cupcakes on display. Unfortunately they did not.   Maybe they had a lot of purchases in and that’s why. But I always feel you should not have just two cupcakes of a flavor in your display and showing empty circle slots where the cupcakes are to be displayed.  But then again, that’s just my opinion. 
Second when I bake and package my cupcakes when I open the container I can smell that cupcake aroma.  I did not get that smell.  Even when they package my cupcake and I open I could not tell if I have a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry cupcake.  Hmmm!
Third, the cupcakes are $2.95 each not including tax.  Now $2.95 for a cupcake and it have no fondant or some off the chain sugar work?  But they are located in downtown, and as a baker I know your quality ingredients can be expensive.  On the other hand, I feel they are throwing away money because they do not have single serve cupcake boxes or the clamshell containers for those who want one cupcake.  The package is cool but it is a 2 cavity brown box.
Now how did it taste?  I ordered a hummingbird cupcake.  It was moist, tasted like a muffin but the cream cheese was way too sweet for my liking. It was not like OMG this is so good! It was ok!

So I stepped out my box and tasted another competitor cupcake.  Did I waste my $2.95 for the cupcake?  Hell yeah! Because I know I could do ten times better.  I am just kidding.  I am not some master pastry chef, or cupcake connoisseur (not too far from it, thoughJ), I just giving my two cents by checking out the competition.

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