Friday, January 13, 2012

Mickey Mouse

My fiancĂ© niece birthday is today.  She turned 13 years old today.  Today is also Friday the 13th.  Spooky but awesome.  For her birthday she told my fiancĂ© she wants a Mickey Mouse cake. What? You are about to be thirteen and you want a Mickey what?  It made me laugh.  She is so obsessed with Mickey from the doll down to the book bag.  But I loved the fact she still want to remain a child and not grow up too fast.  I had already had planned out in my head how awesome I want make this cake.  But since she wanted to carry the cake to school she could not bring a cake since she would have to use a knife to cut the cake.  So the next option was cupcakes, but not everyone loves fondant so we settled for a pull a part cupcake. 
I wanted to get the face as close as possible to Mickey color complexion.  I never did a pull a part cupcake.  If you think cakes are a piece of work, pull a apart are no joke.  But at the end of the day I think I did an awesome job, and course she jumped up in joy and loved her cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Ticauya Brookes.  Go Mickey!

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