Friday, January 13, 2012

Mickey Mouse

My fiancé niece birthday is today.  She turned 13 years old today.  Today is also Friday the 13th.  Spooky but awesome.  For her birthday she told my fiancé she wants a Mickey Mouse cake. What? You are about to be thirteen and you want a Mickey what?  It made me laugh.  She is so obsessed with Mickey from the doll down to the book bag.  But I loved the fact she still want to remain a child and not grow up too fast.  I had already had planned out in my head how awesome I want make this cake.  But since she wanted to carry the cake to school she could not bring a cake since she would have to use a knife to cut the cake.  So the next option was cupcakes, but not everyone loves fondant so we settled for a pull a part cupcake. 
I wanted to get the face as close as possible to Mickey color complexion.  I never did a pull a part cupcake.  If you think cakes are a piece of work, pull a apart are no joke.  But at the end of the day I think I did an awesome job, and course she jumped up in joy and loved her cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Ticauya Brookes.  Go Mickey!

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